Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Port Pillows

After witnessing friends and family members battle cancer, I have been trying to think of a way to help others that are suffering from this terrible disease. As a quilter I find that I have an unhealthy stash of fabric that I rarely touch and think it is such a shame that the fabric was going unused. I'm constantly is awe of the awesome quilts that others pull together from their fabric stash, but my type A personality makes it very difficult to repurpose the fabric with scraps from collections that I wouldn't intentionally pair together. I know. I just need to get over it. In the meantime, I'm sewing port pillows for folks have ports for chemo treatments. The idea is that the port can create discomfort especially in cars when you wear a seatbelt, especially for breast cancer patients where their ports are typically along the seatbelt line. The pillow is velcroed over the seatbelt and creates a comfortable cushion to help ease the tension and therefore source of pain around the port site. I distributed my first batch today at a cancer support group. The reaction was inspiring and I am just so happy to help ease even a small amount of pain for those in the room and their friends also going through treatment. In case you want to make your own, I made mine from 5" squares (extra charm pack or layer cake squares are perfect!!), a 5" strip of Velcro, and a bit of polyester fill. A picture of the pillows is attached.

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Sayre's Quilt

Well, after my sister's surgery my wonderful friend and cousin-in-law had a procedure so I made a quilt for her too. It was my first adventure with curves which are much scarier than they actually are. I was just shocked at what a fabric eater they are! I used charm packs and a block of four squares was only 7x7 after all of the seams are accounted for! I used the awesome rotary cutter/compass combo that OLFA makes. I thought the hexagons on Kristen's quilt were so cool, but the curves on Sayre's are just so modern. I thought the curves really played off of the modern take of the Pezzy Print fabric. I hope you like it too - clearly my hound Tawney did :-)
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Kristen's Quilt

Well, I finished my sister's quilt about a month and a half ago so I am clearly tardy in my posting. Thankfully, her surgery went as well as it possibly could have and we are all so grateful for her continued health. She was very sweet to say that the beautiful colors from her quilt helped make her feel better. I made the quilt from a Kate Spain layer cake and about 4 yards for the backing and the borders.
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